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Everyone favors PunchOut Ready® certified systems. Certification indicates that an integration will go smoothly and seamlessly, saving both the buyer and the supplier time and money. A designation of Punchout Ready means that baseline integration requirements have been met and an integration can proceed with minimal configuration.

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   Mincom Axis
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Mincom is a global software and services provider that delivers solutions critical to businesses in asset intensive industries such as mining, defense, oil and gas, energy, and public infrastructure. Leveraging 30 years of deep experience in these industries, Mincom thrives on helping our customers successfully optimize the performance of their assets, their people, and their businesses as a whole.

With a global reputation for technical excellence and a team of highly knowledgeable and passionate people, Mincom goes where no other solutions provider goes: to the ends of the earth to deliver solutions that integrate business processes, improve insight into operations and reduce costs for our customers. Spanning more than 40 countries across North America, South America, Australia, South East Asia, Africa, and Europe, Mincom solutions run some of the world’s largest private and public enterprises.

Mincom Axis is a hosted solution providing business-to-business integration and web applications to optimize business processes between trading partners. Mincom Axis is a complete, enterprise-level solution that facilitates the automated exchange of any information, reliably and securely, via a wide range of Internet protocols and in a variety of message formats.

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