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Everyone favors PunchOut ReadyŽ certified systems. Certification indicates that an integration will go smoothly and seamlessly, saving both the buyer and the supplier time and money. A designation of Punchout Ready means that baseline integration requirements have been met and an integration can proceed with minimal configuration.

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Paramount WorkPlace is an intuitive web-based & mobile spend management solution for mid-market & enterprise organizations. With WorkPlace PunchOut updating buyer catalogs is a thing of the past. Requisition faster and with more accuracy. Listed below are our three core applications for suppliers. eConnect is in use for over 1,000 PunchOut integrations.

eStore-Connect is compatible with Paramount WorkPlace and seamlessly integrates with WorkPlace PunchOut/cXML. In many cases, eStore-Connect, Enterprise-Connect or eStore-Connect Express will meet your needs out-of-the-box. For more complex scenarios, we have dozens of ad-hoc features. Add features and customize your solution to fit your needs.

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