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Everyone favors PunchOut Ready® certified systems. Certification indicates that an integration will go smoothly and seamlessly, saving both the buyer and the supplier time and money. A designation of Punchout Ready means that baseline integration requirements have been met and an integration can proceed with minimal configuration.

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SciQuest (NASDAQ:SQI) is a leading provider of an integrated, web-based end-to-end eProcurement solution that enables users to realize significant efficiencies and savings on their purchases of indirect goods and services. SciQuest’s unique industry segment expertise and innovative “source-to settle” approach to eProcurement enables Fortune 1000 companies and organizations in the higher education, life sciences, healthcare and public sector markets, as well as other industries, to identify savings opportunities they may otherwise have missed, while improving contract management, compliance and supplier management. SciQuest’s solutions help customers turn spending into a source of savings.

SciQuest’s on-demand eprocurement software gives you control and visibility to help you spend money better. Streamline catalog management, direct spend to preferred vendors, drive higher compliance with contracts, tighten control and increase visibility throughout the entire source-to-settle process.

SciQuest specializes in eprocurement solutions for higher education, public sector, healthcare, and life sciences and commercial organizations.

The on-demand eprocurement solution

For more than a decade, SciQuest has focused on helping academic, healthcare and research-centric organizations of all sizes streamline their procurement and supplier management processes. This concentrated focus has deepened our industry-specific expertise and supplier relationships - and led to our 98 customer satisfaction rate and 98 customer renewal rate. Unique among providers of eprocurement solutions, SciQuest enables enterprises to realize the potential of strategic procurement. With SciQuest, procurement organizations can:
•Direct spend across the enterprise to specific contracts & suppliers.
•Bring more spend under management.
•Drive higher compliance with contracts.
•Leverage negotiating power with suppliers.
Our familiar online shopping experience and diverse supplier offerings are proven to increase user adoption and contract compliance. Giving you greater visibility into organization-wide spending, eprocurement solutions from SciQuest do more than simplify your purchasing transactions. They elevate procurement to a strategic function within your organization.

Our commitment to customers

SciQuest forms long-term partnerships with our customers based on mutual respect, trust and professional integrity. We recognize our dependence upon one another to achieve our respective goals. To that end, we commit to:

•Represent our capabilities honestly.
•Define our expectations clearly.
•Communicate our concerns openly.
•Resolve our issues expeditiously.
•Meet our obligations efficiently.
•Celebrate our successes publicly.

Together, we will develop and deliver high-quality solutions that create measurable, sustainable value for both parties.

- We will listen, and expect to be heard. - We will show respect, and expect to receive it. We will constantly set higher standards and continue to exceed them until SciQuest is your most valued partner.

SciQuest Solutions

Your procurement challenges are unique to your organization. And so should the solution you use to solve them. Whether you are a local school district dealing with state budget cuts or a 400-bed hospital system facing increased expenses and decreased revenue, you want a solution that delivers real time and dollar savings.

With our on-demand eProcurement solutions, you can automate the complete source-to-settle process, or simply deploy a point solution such as a shopping platform for your ERP system.

Depending on your organization’s needs, our solutions can help you: - Efficiently manage every aspect of the source-to-settle process, including sourcing, contract management, procurement, invoicing, and settlement. - Combine the e-shopping environment for all internal and external materials and services with hosted supplier catalogs at your fingertips. - Promote contract compliance while providing an optimal buying experience for end users. - Increase on-contract spending and improve organization-wide productivity to support the larger mission. - Negotiate more favorable contracts through consortium buying power. - Manage materials and procurement for chemical reagents used in the research process.

Our eProcurement solutions are comprised of individual product modules that can be deployed together or separately to meet your organization’s specific procurement automation needs. Browse the links to the left to discover more about our solutions.

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