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Everyone favors PunchOut Ready® certified systems. Certification indicates that an integration will go smoothly and seamlessly, saving both the buyer and the supplier time and money. A designation of Punchout Ready means that baseline integration requirements have been met and an integration can proceed with minimal configuration.

The suppliers featured here have all undergone Punchout Ready Certification, and are certified on the Capabilites and Standards indicated on their profile.

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   B3 Enterprises
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Burnett (Burnie) Peters, a retired Air Force Colonel with 26 years service started B3 Enterprises LLC He is also the 100 owner of the company. B3 Enterprises LLC was founded to provide support services to Government Agencies and commercial industry. Burnie acquired experience in contracting with the Government and private industry during his two years as the Director of Business Development for Johnson Controls Inc (DC office). He is former Department of Defense senior leader with extensive experience, including management of diverse, complex multi-level organizations and strategic planning/process improvement. He also managed multimillion-dollar programs, and managed Air Force base flight operations to include maintaining an active runway with transient alert/airfield management capability. In addition, he orchestrated cradle-to-grave activities for federal facilities, including military housing, environmental compliance, construction, and financial management. He also worked military family housing privatization and BRAC issues. As an Installation Commander, he was responsible for Base Operations Support functions—civil engineering, personnel, logistics, supply, transportation, food services, communications/IT, security forces. He has operational experience as an Air Force KC/EC-135 instructor pilot and Flight Examiner. He has commanded contingency flight/maintenance/logistic operations for Bosnia and Iraqi Northern fly zone enforcement.

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