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Medgluv Inc is a leading supplier of high quality medical gloves to the Medical, Dental and to other professional markets nationwide. Our priority is to develop a wide range of quality glove products for all our customers. Our gloves are privately source through a network of manufacturers from South East Asia. Every manufacturer has been recognized for consistency in product quality. The Company continually reviews the performance of these manufacturers to ensure strict internal quality and compliance standards.

Our plants facilities are audited to meet regulatory requirements have of FDA (USA), NF (France) and TUV (Germany). It also has the French NF ISO 9002 / EN 46002 certification, the first in Malaysia. Our Manufacturer is an early recipient of the prestigious SMG certification from the Malaysian Rubber Research Institute as recognition for its compliance with high quality standards.

We emphasized on quality to meet stringent Regulatory requirements, and on R&D to keep improving its manufacturing process. Our products are known internationally for our quality and the Company for its reliability and service. Our Manufacturer is one of the earliest two manufacturers in the country having possession of on-line chlorination technology, which is crucial to produce gloves with good yet consistent physical texture and quality. It allows 100 chlorination on both sides of the glove and also reduces powder and latex protein levels.

Our Manufacturing plants have on its clientele list loyal customers of more than 10 years, some of whom are amongst the most reputable international medical and dental distributing organization in USA and Europe.

Medgluv broad market base has enabled the Company to achieve significant manufacturing economies of scale. By using internally developed latex and latex-free formulations and processes, Medgluv is becoming the market's leader of quality medical examination gloves to users nationwide and creating solutions that help customers make Healthcare better

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